richard-berryman-380I have been in the HVAC industry 40 years.  I have been there where the people I am assisting in the field are.  Whether I am dealing with the company owner, the sales staff, the service manager or the technician, I can relate to the pressures he feels in doing his job because I was there.  I take control of the situation and get it into the technical realm where we can assist the customer in getting the problem resolved.  Many times the problem can be resolved with John Z or my experience dealing with HVAC, and other times we have to research our technical resources, that we are constantly updating and sourcing.  At times we take our issues to our Factory Support Team who we meet with at least once a year, and they provide additional insight based on design and manufacturing process knowledge.   We work closely with the Warranty Department in many cases to be sure that the customer receives all the assistance that they are entitled to.

Once the Technical issues have been resolved or fully understood, at times we also partner with the sales staff to provide complete customer resolution of the issue, because it goes beyond a pure technical issue.

We are in a continuous mode of learning and discovery so that we may be the assistance that our customer base requires to assist in their successful operation.  We provide continuous training and currently we are doing our Spring Service Training to give our dealer base that extra technical edge to propel them to the top of our industry in the eyes of the end user.

Carrier/Bryant  is leading the industry with technological advances, and it is all of our jobs to be sure that we are out in front of the pack.   We look forward to continuing to learn, teach and assist in an ever more complex technical environment.