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Comfort Products Distributing is buying back your reclaimed R-22.  The cylinder exchange is always free, and we’re paying $2.50/pound (subject to change, call for current prices.)

Production of new R22 has been reduced and will be completely phased out by 2020.    We work with a recycler who can clean up used R22.  Comfort Products Distributing cares about the environment and your business.

Top Benefits for CPD Customers:

  • Instant Credit! We weigh your tanks and issue your credit
  • No hidden fees, charges, or costs
  • Always FREE tank exchange regardless of refrigerant
  • Current pricing for R-22 $2.50 pound. Pricing is subject to change.
    • Check our specials for opportunities to earn bonus credits on R-22 rates
  • Call for current pricing for R-11, R-12, R-114, R-123, R-500, R-502
  • 30, 50 and 125 pound tanks
  • Small tanks = More $ to Contractors
    • No $ tied up in deposits for holding tanks
    • No time, labor, and $ required to transfer from tank to tank
    • Reduced contamination risk. As little as 5 pounds of non-pure gas can spoil a large holding tank, potentially costing you thousands of $.
  • Job site collection and pick-up for large scale projects and tanks. Inquire for more details.