john-zymola-380As of March 1, 2015 I have been a dedicated CPD employee for 20 years. My experience in the HVAC Industry dates back to 1977. Starting as a Service Technician I developed exceptional skills in customer service. While working as a Service Technician I also became an instructor in the HVAC Department at Metro Tech Community College. My technical and teaching experience has allowed me to give the CPD customer base the best training, advice, and problem solving that is available. That being said the daily combined effort of the CPD Service Department, Dave Schmitter, Steve Wright, Rick Berryman, Rick Reed and myself go above and beyond our job descriptions to make sure that our customer base and the end user receive exceptional “after the sale” service.
I have seen tremendous changes in the HVAC field since the beginning of my career. The technology of the equipment in our field is changing at a very rapid pace. Such as but not limited to the 48LC unit. They are removing Comfortlink and going to System View, eliminating the need for the RTU Open Control Board. The Duct Free product line has removed the reciprocating/rotor compressor, incorporating only the VFD compressor. With the Greenspeed /Evolution product line our competitors cannot match the benefits in energy savings for the end user. The same holds true with our furnace product line.
The Service Department provides Dealer(Service Technician) Training in the Spring and Fall. These training sessions are not just for the Dealers. We invite anyone within CPD to attend so that everyone can be educated about all of the changes and benefits that the Carrier/Bryant product line offers. You will be aware of the topics being presented and hear any concerns there might be among those present. These meetings will increase your knowledge giving you a professional advantage. In turn you will be able to educate the customers that you are in contact with throughout your day. We need your help to be sure that our customer base knows the value of these training sessions.
Our department has an unequaled passion for the industry. We learn something new every day and share that knowledge as quickly as possible.
As always, we are not only here to help those who purchase our product. We strive to help everyone that has a question or concern. Please do not hesitate to contact The Service Department anytime. Hope to see you at our Spring and Fall Training sessions.