Heat Pumps and Split System AC


Bryant: 698B, 598B, 286A, 187A

Carrier: 38YDB, 38TDB, 25HNA6, 24ANA7

Serial Number(s): All serial numbers within 10 years of unit production date as indicated by the unit serial number.

**Commercial installations are not eligible for the program.**


This bulletin sets forth the modified replacement program for Bristol two stage compressors or complete outdoor units due to a compressor failure occurring on or after April 1st, 2014 IF such failure occurs within 10 years of the unit production date.  The Bristol two stage reciprocating compressor has undergone continuous improvements to extend its long term reliability, but is more sensitive to certain operating conditions than a scroll compressor. Oversized equipment, improper airflow and charging issues are a few examples of applications and operating conditions that can cause additional stress on the system’s components, including the compressor.

To download this bulletin: DSB140025 040114