Bryant:           548J, 549J, 551J, 558J, 569J, 575J, 580J, 581J

Carrier:           09DP, 30HX, 30MP, 30RAP, 30RB, 30XA, 30XW, 38AH, 38AK, 38AP, 38AU, 48/50A, 48/50HC, 48/50TC, 48/50LC, 48/50P, 48/50N, 50BV, 50HT, 50HTQ, 50HCQ, 50TCQ, 50HQP, 50PC, 50PS, 50PT, 50VQP

Serial Numbers:       Refer to Table 2 and Table 3



Bryant and Carrier have been informed by the manufacturer that some control circuit breaker(s) may fail to open if an over-current condition occurs. After further investigation and inspection, our supplier has adjusted the population of affected control circuit breakers and control transformers.  Thus, the new population of affected units that incorporate a control transformer with integral circuit breaker is within the serial number range identified in Table 2 and 3. Units that incorporate control circuit breaker(s) with a date code of 1423 (June 2, 2014) through 1445 (November 8, 2014) and the unit serial number is within the serial number range identified in Table 3 are affected. See for date code format in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

To download this bulletin: DSB140014