PRODUCT CATEGORY: 1.5, 2, and 2.5 Ton Split Systems


Bryant: 113AN(A,C,W)0(18,24,30); 113APA030; 116BNA0(18,24,30); 123ANA0(18,24,30); 126BNA0(18,24,30); 127ANA024; 180BNA024; 186BNA0(18,024,030); 187BN(A,C)024; 213ANC0(18,24,30); 213CNA0(18,24,30); 213CPA030; 214CNA0(18,24,30); 215BNA0(18,24,30); 223ANA0(18,24,30); 225BNA0(18,24,30); 226ANA024; 280ANV024; 285BNA0(18,24,30); 286BN(A,C)24; 289BNA024; BA13NA0(18,24,30); BA16NA0(18,24,30); BH13NA0(18,24,30); BH14NA0(18,24,30)

Carrier: 24ABB3(18,24,30)(A,C,W); 24ABC6(18,24,30)A; 24ACB3(18,24,30)A; 24ACB724A; 24ACC6(18,24,30)A; 24ANB124A; 24ANB6(18,24,30)A; 24ANB724(A,C); 25HBB3(18,24,30)(A,C); 25HBC3(18,24,30)W; 25HBC5(18,24,30)A; 25HCB3(18,24,30)A; 25HCB624A; 25HCC5(18,24,30)A; 25HCD3(18,24,30)A; 25HCD4(18,24,30)A; 25HNB5(18,24,30)A; 25HNB624(A,C); 25HNB924A; 25HNH5(24,30); 25VNA024; C4A3(18,24,30); CA13NA0(18,24,30); CA16NA0(18,24,30); CH13NA0(18,19,24,25,30,31); CH14NA0(18,24,30)

Payne: PA13NA0(18,24,30); PA16NA0(18,24,30); PA17NA024; PH13NB0(18,19,24,25,30,31); PH15NB0(18,24,30); PH16NA024

Serial Number(s): 4413X – 3814X   4413E – 3814E


Ongoing testing and reports from the field indicate that Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 ton indoor coils installed with the above listed condensing units may not maintain the correct SuperHeat (SH) in certain situations. The end result is a lack of cooling for the homeowner due to high SH and low suction pressures measured at the outdoor unit.

To download this bulletin:  DSB14-0012 additive