Bryant: 189BNV, 288BNV
Carrier: 24VNA9, 25VNA8
Serial Number(s): 2414E to 0115E

During a recent factory product audit of the above listed models, it was discovered that the stator heat function was not enabled for units leaving the factory. Disabling of the stator heat function can cause accumulation of refrigerant in the compressor during the off-cycle, which can lead to lack of lubrication and compressor bearing damage. A code 79 (compressor/inverter fault) may occur as the bearing loses oil. While this is not a safety issue, it may impact the long term reliability of the compressor. Accordingly, rework of the above listed models in the above listed serial number range (“Units”) is required to enable the stator heat function, with rework completed for field installed Units by March 31, 2015 to avoid longer term compressor reliability concerns.

Download the complete bulletin here: DSB14-0015