abm-100 airflow meterOccasionally, we receive inquiries questioning the accuracy of the ABM-100. Others often ask “How can an Anemometer be this accurate and yet be priced so competitive compared to others?”  A main ingredient in AAB’s “secret sauce” is that they are able to harness the computing power of your smartphone to do much of the work. To answer the accuracy questions, they’ve prepared a video that that we would like to share that demonstrates the ABM-100 compared to an air volume test instrument that costs $1500.00 to the contractor. View the video directly on YouTube here  http://youtu.be/FbsUBj4vkYQ.

A link to third party test certification from a prominent lab shows that the ABM-100 is calibrated and extremely accurate(ABM-100 Airflow Certification). A huge selling feature of the airflow meter is that it auto-calibrates every time the meter is plugged in.  At AAB, their niche is designing & manufacturing HVAC Smartphone Tools which are affordable, easy to use with on-screen visual guidance features for all levels of experience, and are geared to improve contractor work performance by reducing the user margin of error.

Tips for Accuracy 

Lastly, there have been a few customer inquiries with issues stating that their phone is giving inconsistent or fluctuating airflow readings. This typically only occurs on some Android phones (mostly older versions) and is almost always of a lack of sufficient headphone power. Turning up the power on the side of the phone usually resolves this, but on some phones it is necessary to go into the phone settings and make sure the “system volume” is turned all the way up. This issue will go away entirely with the ABM-200 (second generation of the ABM-100) as it has an internal power source. The ABM-200 will be available May 2015. Please note upon launch of the ABM-200, AAB will continue to manufacture the ABM-100 for the foreseeable future in order to offer contractors a choice of a lower or higher priced meter.