2020 CE- Comfort Products Parts & Supplies
Partner Trips – Sponsored by Totaline

Use your CE Reward points on these 2020 CPD Partner Trips by selecting which event you would like to participate in.
Dates subject to change.

Point information here

Sept 23 – 27     South Dakota Fishing Trip

1,500 CE Reward Points

Lake of the Ozarks Golf Trip       Cancelled

1,500 CE Reward Points  ♦   500 for non-golfing guest

Oct 21 – 25          South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

2,000 CE Reward Points


    Fishing Trip

        Attendees are responsible for purchasing Fishing License.


    Golf Trip       Golfing Trip, Not Golfing


    Hunting Trip

        Space is limited.


    Reserved spots that haven’t accrued adequate CE Rewards points, may be prior to the scheduled event.  If not enough points are accrued by 12/21/2020, the total % of required points will be applied to the cost of participating events and your account will be charged a pro rata amount.